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Valley STEM

Our Mission

In today’s world, students are told to push themselves; to better themselves in a global economy where success is no guarantee. We students, in turn, do this dogma justice: we study, learn, act, work, and play with this maxim in mind, and we strive to become our best selves. On our journey of self-improvement, however, many of us forget to bring up our community along the way.

Valley STEM wants to change that.

Founded entirely by high school students, Valley STEM engages the San Joaquin Valley’s youth in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), creating opportunities for them to explore the sciences. We make hands-on experiences with STEM accessible for free, bringing our own love of the subject to the youth of the Central Valley.

The role of technology in our everyday lives increases by the day, and its effects will be of particular significance to the Valley in years to come. With new STEM businesses like BitWise seeing the rich potential of our region, and a high-speed rail soon to draw us even closer to Silicon Valley and LA, it is more important than ever that the sciences be within the reach of all of the Central Valley’s youth.

As high school students ourselves, we’ve been served well by the opportunities the Valley provides. We’ve learned more about STEM than previous generations could in a lifetime. Now, we want to put our knowledge to work, and give what we have back to the community which has done so much for us. Join us on our journey, as we help STEM take root in the breadbasket of California.

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