Children working on a STEM project

Engage with Engineering: Arduino and Mechanical Design

We wouldn't be Valley STEM without Engineering! By donating to this campaign, your help will go towards providing kids aged 8-12 the opportunity to learn the basics of electrical and mechanical design. This program will let students learn and explore with motors, wires, and the Arduino computing platform. Click 'Donate' for more info!

Children launching air rockets

Starting on Science: How Our World Works

This program aims to provide students with the foundations necessary to foster a love and understanding of the sciences. Designed for kids aged 5-12, our Starting on Science track will teach from a broad array of disciplines, including physics, biology, chemistry, and geology. With this track, we've already taught chemical reactions, density, static electricity, inertia, non-Newtonian fluids, and acoustics; additional funding will allow us to continue to create additional lessons as well as expand to new schools and libraries. Click 'Donate' for details!

Children playing with sound machines

General Donations

Not sure what to contribute to? No problem! Your help will go to where it's most needed. That could be our after-school enrichment program, library events, conferences, or any other miscellaneous expenses.


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