We're a group of high school students dedicated to spreading STEM throughout the San Joaquin Valley. Join the Journey!

Our Story

At our core, we at Valley STEM are products of the Central Valley. Under the hot sun of Fresno, California, we've developed a burning passion for the sciences, either as robotics geeks, mathletes, technophiles, or some blend of the three. We've worked on robotics teams, taught STEM classes, and immersed ourselves in curriculum tailored to technology. Now, we're ready to make an impact, and bring what we've learned to the community around us.

As teenagers, we know there's a lot left to learn. But there's also a lot left to teach.


Ellery Alkotob


As Chief Creative Officer and founder of Valley STEM, Ellery coordinates and plans the curriculum for the various outreach events that our team participates in. Additionally, Ellery handles the communication with members of the community in order to spread our reach and plan events. She attends Edison High School and is active on the school’s robotics team and varsity tennis team.

Justin Byers


As Chief Financial Officer and founder of Valley STEM, Justin oversees the organization’s logistical aspects. He maintains Valley STEM’s finances and coordinates events with his other founders. Justin is passionate about focusing our STEM outreach on the Central Valley, as he feels this area has the most need. Outside of Valley STEM, Justin is on the academic decathlon and varsity tennis teams at Edison High School.

Cyrus Najmi-Vannini


As CEO, Cyrus connects and coordinates the efforts of Valley STEM to ensure that we stay true to our goal of promoting the sciences within the Valley as efficiently as possible. You'll find him at every lesson, demonstration, and talk Valley STEM gives, working to engage kids in STEM at every step along the way. Cyrus teaches programming and engineering courses at InnovEd Inc. and is an active member of Edison High School's robotics team. He also designed this website, and placed himself at the bottom of this list so that you would know he was humble without his explicitly having to say so.

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